Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I was RIGHT Africa for #MAGA #Trump2016

Me gloating about trump and winning:What I refused to post last night because knowing a candidate and supporting a candidate are two different things... My predictions: Hillary Presidency: a) high inflation rates in Namibia & the developing world (inflation's that thing killing your wealth - easily summarised as not knowing what the price of bread/basic essentials are, undercutting your saving efforts and blames you for the aforementioned and calls you a millennial), b) war schedule continues without ever engaging in diplomacy (which will be left to underlings, rather that the head of state), c) US continues to be the tyrannical axe swinging above the world, wild card: boots on the ground in syria by new year. Trump: a) gives courage to emerging economies to engage in protectionist economic policies (remember, these are technically banned by the IMF & frowned upon by the World Bank), b) return of piecemeal global diplomacy (only losers don't communicate with the enemy), c) a relatable personality in political office who's focused on progress & legacy rather than special interests, wildcard: COP climate series readdressed (doesn't make littering o.k.). Still an easy choice, but not my vote.

So, those of you that knew that I predicted trump victory circa december 2015, you'd know that I am now ruminating about the amount of times I have been right. And I have been right. Many, many, many times. It's true. This will leave a mark on me that will not go away. Many, many, many times. You know it. Hillary blew it! China.

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