Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is Great - exactly what i need to take my mind off things...

I will post the actually graph, analysis (haha) at a later stage... [[update: posted! click the link below, or check out the picture below to preview]]

any suggestion on how to further tweak the query terms (hahaha) welcome for the release of a v2.0. this is version 1.3.
v0.2-v1.3: http://goo.gl/T5DC
what is google trends?
if you're going research on trends, a great way is look at the google search history of related terms. the history goes all the way back to mid-2005 (thank page and brin for encroaching on your privacy). 

so, from the trends we can approximate that... well, i don know - just trying to interpret the data is fun.

click the link in the title for the full graph - here is a discrete prtsc shot.

teaser: tagalog is a phillipino language, and they seem to be the world leaders in "in my face"-category.

Friday, March 19, 2010

we are progammed by our parents.

life is ridiculous.

religions failed when they let people live together with other people. so they might have to go. and i'm pretty sure that everyone is cool that if there is a god there, then he can stay.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Plan for Global Domination: Private Update #42

My Blog is growing and is about to take over the world.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have a solution to your health care issues...

will i put it on my blog? sure, when i have the time to write it down.

hospitals are wrong.

americans...um...eat too much GARBAGE.

so many old people.

health care.

A Revision: http://goo.gl/2COy

So i found this article by this dude who seems to be a graphic-designer cum creative director in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, and he wrote this article below about...the title should be, "Despair". it was featured on Adbusters.org, 8 march 2010. I commented underneath as Le Choc; french, (ergo really classy)

[[this is me]]

"Design is increasingly defined commercially. Not just because the most creative minds of our generation are devoting their talents to shifting consumer goods from shelves but in the very way we design.[[i disagree, the most creative talents are devoting themselves to business that bares little fruit for society]] We are led to believe that we simply cannot design without the latest proprietary software, which is packaged and marketed with brand identities more closely aligned with religious visions or Platonic ideals than with the properties it possesses.[[ i disagree again - products should be romantic and cultivate a truly deep relationship with its consumer. everything else is waste, ala excess]] The filters and tools of the dominant software have seemingly eclipsed ideas, creative visions, radically simple aesthetics and spontaneous, free, entirely original visual concepts. Keyboards and shortcuts have replaced the mind and soul of the designer. Without the latest software, expensive versions of which are released at regular intervals, we would not be able to design. Without the plug-ins, updates and add-ons, we would be left behind. [[ reflects a view that design is simply a fulfillment of a need, notwithstanding it should also be the creation of a new experience entirely]]

We’ve become so addicted to the agility and speed that these ever-improving tools have given us that – like a juiced-up athlete – we’ve lost our confidence.[[this is the despair. recognise it. keep it away from your mirror image]] We’ve forgotten who we are and what we used to achieve without half the aid we now rely on.

It’s not just the content we’re designing: many of us know deep down that we are part of the problem, the fuel in the engine of consumer capitalism. It’s the way we now design that traps us. [[this is called evil, stop contributing to aggregate evil]]

Jonty Langley


16, 2010
02:53 am

I understand despair. many comment-makers do not recognize it. it feels like you have nothing, and there is no reason to do anything except light a cigarette, running screaming naked in the street, looking for an apt place to kill yourself. the statement above reminds me that i seek death by cop. all these closed briefs, cubicle and terminal environments in multi-nationals to fullfil a work-role in the roll - of course this causes despair.
build wings out of post-its and office supplies, break the window with an ergo-chair, and leave your work! be free, drunk, and poor; alone with your ideas...
— Le Choc


Monday, March 15, 2010

tree-hugger horseraddish

so i'm always finding more 'data'* about climate change. all these theorems that anit-hypothesize what the prof with a different grant is hypothesizing at the same conference.

so, one thing that fence sitters all know, and i'm not a fence sitter, i that the only fact about climate change is that noone agrees about anything.

|* I call it data, cos upon discovery, i really don't know what to make of it - and i'm not talking about a chinese dish|

i, myself even, am about to pull the white picket out of my ass and present my OWN theory. tonight has been the closest i've come. and for someone like me, i'm pretty dam sure it states exactly what is happening - i always thought that people waste their time hypothesizing, and that they should be like me create the strongest argument and then tell them to F*ck off. and they will have to, if they really want to disprove anything that I say, yet what normally follows is a career change.

... had this friend of mine with a masters in IT ask "what is Cloud computing???". what the cheese, man?

anyway, theory is solid. but if those nasa bastards are holding out on me, then that's the one out of 332 sources that'll sink me (provided i have not already correctly anticipated the nature of their agenda. which is not likely.)

but am i going to publish it on my blog? i don't know. if i have to do too much research, then no. but if its shallow and easy to understand, i will start a cult. there will be T-shirts, caps, parties (kegs!), i want a nike sponorship! Probably get wes anderson to direct the movie!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Riding a Broken Bicycle

i'm doing it i'm doing it

This is a sunday. Why, snow, why?

 hey hey hey hey what's going on what's going on? hey hey yo yo what's going on. whats going on. snow snow. too much now. there shouldn't be snow. what's going on? on my word. oh friggn no. how about no? yoyo yo yo.what's going on whats going on? this is nonesense. whats going on. geez louise, i cant tranquilize through this breeze, bro. ag geez bloddy hell. snow thats melting in one day. 14 march. absolutely crazy. whats going on.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ALBUM REVIEWS: what is music???

what is music? what does it consist of? give me a finite list of flavours. google has a solution, but the solution lies on a black and white university webpage... http://goo.gl/vBey (don't bother clicking on it). and it goes like this, so i changed it...

"Genres and Types of Music:"

  • 20th-Century music - what is this? REMOVE!
  • Ambient/Digital music - they mean, ELECTRO
  • Ancient music - benhur? REMOVE  
  • Band music (including marching bands) - nick cannon? REMOVE
  • Barbershop music - FOLK
  • Baroque music - thats not how you spell BarackCLASSICAL
  • Bluegrass - it says grass, but it's not Hendrix. FOLK
  • Blues - this might be ignorance, but i can only imagine anyone arguing unto an extent where they end up sounding completely corny. FOLK
  • Chamber music - CLASSICAL
  • Children's Music - REMOVE - i just don't care.
  • Choral music - REMOVE - i just don't care.
  • Country music - FOLK
  • Dance music - ELECTRO
  • Early music - no no no. 
  • Electronic music - ELECTRO
  • Ethnic and national music - nope.
  • Film Music - jc...
  • Flamenco - i will dance to it, but starting a collection... sorry. LATIN
  • Folk music - FOLK
  • Improvisation - FOLK
  • Jazz - FOLK
  • Opera, Opera Companies, and Musical Theatre - CLASSICAL
  • Orchestral music - CLASSICAL
  • Ragtime - post sad sex music? REMOVE
  • Rap/Hip hop - HIPHOP
  • Reggae/Ska - genius! but they must be separated REGGAE and SKA
  • Religious music - ...REGGAE
  • Rock/Pop/Alternative, etc. and Music Charts - blatant disregard for music in a modern, complex world - divided into ROCK, OLD SCHOOL POP and CONTEMPORARY POP
  • Seasonal and Wedding music - REMOVE
  • Tango - LATIN
  • Women composers and women's music - ...? i think thats included above...
  • DUB
  • R&B
So, according to the above definitions - 50 randomly chosen (this is a lie) albums give me this profile of genre-specific musical interests...

Someone was in my abode the other day and asked me, "how many albums do you have altogether?" more than 460**. The above is a fair representation of the total population. 

** just short of a 9m high stack of standard CD cases.

ALBUM REVIEWS: My threat...

methodological outline for the dissemination of an opinion regarding musical works

Ok, well i listen to at least 2 albums a week. my life is good! my spectrum of music is ridiculous!

but thats by your standards - cos you put things in a box. IDIOT! been awhile since i found something that i could past a label on without twitching. genres should be loosely applied. but if an artist perfectly applies his or her shelf to a poppy-trend thing, they will get props.

albums will be the muchness, with mixes from the bester lesser circulating scenes being ok'd by my subconscious for review.

i've got a ridiculous fixation on listening to albums. if i could bring myself to dish out a 5.5. out of 10*, i probably will listen to the discography and do all the reading i can.

i hate it when people say "uh...and i like music". everyone likes music...you jackass.


Wow, blogging...the power. friggin awesome. if you have found this blog, then you need to ask yourself 'why?' maybe it was that split second that you stopped to think whether you forgot something somewhere, or when you stopped to see 'is that her?'... all these occurences, even if they happened days ago - have led you here.

how does that seat feel? does it feel deeper? maybe you should go outside...

i'm probably going to say now that i will blog everyday. the truth... well, i don't know the truth. i suggest you rely on your finite/infinite wisdom to guide you.