Monday, March 15, 2010

tree-hugger horseraddish

so i'm always finding more 'data'* about climate change. all these theorems that anit-hypothesize what the prof with a different grant is hypothesizing at the same conference.

so, one thing that fence sitters all know, and i'm not a fence sitter, i that the only fact about climate change is that noone agrees about anything.

|* I call it data, cos upon discovery, i really don't know what to make of it - and i'm not talking about a chinese dish|

i, myself even, am about to pull the white picket out of my ass and present my OWN theory. tonight has been the closest i've come. and for someone like me, i'm pretty dam sure it states exactly what is happening - i always thought that people waste their time hypothesizing, and that they should be like me create the strongest argument and then tell them to F*ck off. and they will have to, if they really want to disprove anything that I say, yet what normally follows is a career change.

... had this friend of mine with a masters in IT ask "what is Cloud computing???". what the cheese, man?

anyway, theory is solid. but if those nasa bastards are holding out on me, then that's the one out of 332 sources that'll sink me (provided i have not already correctly anticipated the nature of their agenda. which is not likely.)

but am i going to publish it on my blog? i don't know. if i have to do too much research, then no. but if its shallow and easy to understand, i will start a cult. there will be T-shirts, caps, parties (kegs!), i want a nike sponorship! Probably get wes anderson to direct the movie!

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