Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ALBUM REVIEWS: My threat...

methodological outline for the dissemination of an opinion regarding musical works

Ok, well i listen to at least 2 albums a week. my life is good! my spectrum of music is ridiculous!

but thats by your standards - cos you put things in a box. IDIOT! been awhile since i found something that i could past a label on without twitching. genres should be loosely applied. but if an artist perfectly applies his or her shelf to a poppy-trend thing, they will get props.

albums will be the muchness, with mixes from the bester lesser circulating scenes being ok'd by my subconscious for review.

i've got a ridiculous fixation on listening to albums. if i could bring myself to dish out a 5.5. out of 10*, i probably will listen to the discography and do all the reading i can.

i hate it when people say "uh...and i like music". everyone likes jackass.

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