Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ALBUM REVIEWS: what is music???

what is music? what does it consist of? give me a finite list of flavours. google has a solution, but the solution lies on a black and white university webpage... (don't bother clicking on it). and it goes like this, so i changed it...

"Genres and Types of Music:"

  • 20th-Century music - what is this? REMOVE!
  • Ambient/Digital music - they mean, ELECTRO
  • Ancient music - benhur? REMOVE  
  • Band music (including marching bands) - nick cannon? REMOVE
  • Barbershop music - FOLK
  • Baroque music - thats not how you spell BarackCLASSICAL
  • Bluegrass - it says grass, but it's not Hendrix. FOLK
  • Blues - this might be ignorance, but i can only imagine anyone arguing unto an extent where they end up sounding completely corny. FOLK
  • Chamber music - CLASSICAL
  • Children's Music - REMOVE - i just don't care.
  • Choral music - REMOVE - i just don't care.
  • Country music - FOLK
  • Dance music - ELECTRO
  • Early music - no no no. 
  • Electronic music - ELECTRO
  • Ethnic and national music - nope.
  • Film Music - jc...
  • Flamenco - i will dance to it, but starting a collection... sorry. LATIN
  • Folk music - FOLK
  • Improvisation - FOLK
  • Jazz - FOLK
  • Opera, Opera Companies, and Musical Theatre - CLASSICAL
  • Orchestral music - CLASSICAL
  • Ragtime - post sad sex music? REMOVE
  • Rap/Hip hop - HIPHOP
  • Reggae/Ska - genius! but they must be separated REGGAE and SKA
  • Religious music - ...REGGAE
  • Rock/Pop/Alternative, etc. and Music Charts - blatant disregard for music in a modern, complex world - divided into ROCK, OLD SCHOOL POP and CONTEMPORARY POP
  • Seasonal and Wedding music - REMOVE
  • Tango - LATIN
  • Women composers and women's music - ...? i think thats included above...
  • DUB
  • R&B
So, according to the above definitions - 50 randomly chosen (this is a lie) albums give me this profile of genre-specific musical interests...

Someone was in my abode the other day and asked me, "how many albums do you have altogether?" more than 460**. The above is a fair representation of the total population. 

** just short of a 9m high stack of standard CD cases.

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  1. wow, looks like i'll have to design all the media myself...