Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is Great - exactly what i need to take my mind off things...

I will post the actually graph, analysis (haha) at a later stage... [[update: posted! click the link below, or check out the picture below to preview]]

any suggestion on how to further tweak the query terms (hahaha) welcome for the release of a v2.0. this is version 1.3.
v0.2-v1.3: http://goo.gl/T5DC
what is google trends?
if you're going research on trends, a great way is look at the google search history of related terms. the history goes all the way back to mid-2005 (thank page and brin for encroaching on your privacy). 

so, from the trends we can approximate that... well, i don know - just trying to interpret the data is fun.

click the link in the title for the full graph - here is a discrete prtsc shot.

teaser: tagalog is a phillipino language, and they seem to be the world leaders in "in my face"-category.

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