Sunday, August 1, 2010

14 Days without Broadband internet... What have I missed?

The damage from the Externality...
  • 14 Hours of lectures, including 9 TEDtalks,
  • Millions of hours of Starcraft 2 stuff (i just like watching the videos!),
  • Researching and reading up on Lithium (it's trending in my imaginary circle of friends who know shit)
  • "Hitler's Downfall"-parodies.
  • New Google App+tech
  • Alexandra Schwartz's AtGoogle talk
Ed Ruscha's Pontiac Catalinas, 1984
Stuff i've done without broadband internet...
  • Read some Sartre and Plutarch (about 20pages total out a possible 1000)
  • Went to a Beauty Pageant - a friend won Miss Personality
  • Spent time with the mom
  • Argued with the dad and set up his Gmail (he still speaks latin!)
  • Got new glasses (and scammed my medical aid. ACE!)
  • Got my Nanny new specs
  • Been sad
  • Recovered from being sad by simply ignored the cause
  • Thought about the past and how it doesnt matter
  • Thought about the future and wondered if it mattered
  • Ate fruit from a tree
  • Considered going outside to harass the tortoises after their winter hibernation
  • Became sick of Sports and Sports people (money corrupts, absolutely)
  • Thought about movies i've always wanted to see only to flick the channel and see that they've just started (3 occasions!)
  • Been disgusted at the price of internet in my country... uncapped broadband for U$137 per monf. price per Mb - 28c (US)... filling a 100gig harddrive would cost you U$28,678.  Or rather (to accommadate a the uncapped "bonus" option), inorder for a community to access and process a single Gig of internet media will cost them U$287. where's the humanity or are we all money greedy filthy pigs?

    the internet is too expensive and slow for me
    to correctly edit this graph using GoogleDocs...

Completed upon return to Beijing. Started from scratch, and finished it in an hour -Google Docs still has issues, but its more intuitive than MS Office's excell '07.

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