Saturday, September 11, 2010

Terry Jones - "let's get buck wild!"

This entire issue could easily have been averted if the media acted...

Morally. But because they are profit seeking, sales orientated, bound to advertiser's expectations - they do not. They put the crazy man on the TV and asked him questions. Russia Today did a great expo on it: Hilary Clinton is on screen saying "it's regret that pastor with a congregation of no more than 50...can make this outrageous...plan and get the world's attention...," her retort continues but is dubbed over images of anti-Islam demonstrations around Groud Zero and the planned Islamic Community Centre [posters saying NO CLUBHOUSE FOR TERRORISTS...ISLAM IS AN IDEOLOGY; A FALSE RELIGION OF HATE AND INTOLERANCE] as she states "it doesn't in anyway represent America or Americans... and we're hoping that the pastor decides not to do're hoping against hope that if he does, it won't be a act of patriotism." Now, she does criticizes the media - yes. But she could have been more earnest about it, not that it would have eased tensions with Islam - but it would have made a few Americans think about the potency of their media.

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