Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Live Review of My Dark Twisted Fantasy

Okay, well this thing just rolled in through the door and I knew was due out about now, but the I didn't know it was going to be around now...I mean, Kanye can't do it now after such the long delay and then apologize to Bush. Look, the way I look at it, Kanye said that so that it would be a long time until people would hear that again. But that was just fallout; the real deal was that Kanye was being true to himself, and spoke to allot of people who thought the same thing. Well, if it were an act of G*d - that would be a very traumatizing experience.

Okay, well here it is - A Live Review...

The album starts with something Kanye is well know for, appreciated dearly by his fans from early albums. Soul Full lyrics of a church chior....
.....(so highhhh) 
oh OH OH oh OH"

Ehm, the second track is what it sounds like when Kanye writes the chorus, gets Kid Cudi to sing it, and then raps the first verse.

OK. i listened to it. 5/10.

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