Friday, May 2, 2014

A Response to "Vote tactically to dilute ANC power", Editorial of the Mail and Guardian, 2nd of May 2014

A Response to "Vote 'No'" (Love ANC, but will vote other to pinch their bums)

Not only do I think that gaming an election is immoral, and that the threat of employing underserved people undermines the entire institution of government, but I think it would be right to do a little research and make an informed non-ANC choice. This is something that the article does not ask for. However, given the result of the AMCU negotiations, I would vote for a party that has mentioned the opportunity of 'economic isolation'  which would allow for government to address problems that only it alone is capable of solving; the same problems that free enterprise has predated on throughout history. And I would do so in the bid to change Government, ensuring that my democratic accountability as a citizen is enshrined.

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