Friday, May 2, 2014

Kill the Boer, the Farmer

I'd like to think that if you count the last 20 years as a success, you have to thank those were there to facilitate the new democracy AND were already in place to effect 'new government' - and I am referring to the bureaucrats. The overwhelming amount of incentive in 1994 for civil servants to vote for the ANC comprised of the deals that were brokered when elections were announced and belief that what would follow was predictable and desirable: job security for themselves and larger budgets with which to execute their task of creating social goods. In 2014, these champions have produced many successes for which the ANC has laid claim to, but I think it is a far less of an account that what they are capable of. And it must be stated that the Tripartite Alliance agreement is also a reason behind this 'cap' on socio-economic reform - one member, which will remain nameless, particularly charmed and inspired the educated elite of the country; in a hope that brute government force would be applied to uplift the nation. Your everyday experience in South Africa is proof that these supporters have been left unsatiated. And it must not be underestimated, the power of these officials. And if you want to look to where their attentions have been directed and the efforts of their few, look at the change in the EFF's rhetoric over the last 12 months - a South African may be able to identify, therein, a convincing argument or two.

Not one of today's 'modern economies' with respectful social welfare programs were founded upon the free market, trickle-down economics or the ballot. Even the British parliament took hundreds of years to knock down monopolies and oligarchs. And if these terms are foreign to you, ask yourself: if the uptake of technology has resulted in few jobs, high inflation and little growth over the last 10 years, how are we going to solve this problem of people living in boxes of salvaged tin, surrounded by polluted water, in the dark around a paraffin lamp? We find ourselves a rainbow nation pursuing nation state solutions -staring into the face of the class struggles and demographic crises of folklore.

The only reason why the EFF underplays the card of Economic Isolation is because it scares the crap out everything. 

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