Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Dr Haruko Obokata explains how she nearly gave up on the project when fellow researchers didn't believe what she had found." Amazings. Organ-regeneration inside the body. I hear people in gene-biotech are pop, lock and dropping! 'But what does that mean?'

The most advanced field of gene-therapy is the administration of therapies; not the therapies themselves. If this discovery leads to treatments within, say, 10 years clinics and laboratories can cash in over the long-term thanks to the on-going treatment nascent to atypical 'internal organ regeneration'-therapy. Before yesterday, the business horizon for genetic and human biotech firms was to innovate at the peak of the technological frontier, off load the innovation for production and public testing, retire the staff as 'legends' and start again - every >10 years. Now, with a broader base of services - more firms can afford the risks of break-through; and the diversification of firms can only mean good things for the future of the science.

Don't wait.

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