Friday, January 31, 2014

Govt Shut down

So you don't know what the US govt shutdown means to you?

Let me tell you a story... a long time ago it what now seems like a parallel universe, we were working for these megalithic chomping countries who had these mission statements that sounded like those Star Trek "Space...." monologues. Companies, with all their names, were equal to the man in the street; though run by the man not in the street, who we could aspire to be or be like if we worked hard enough or even maybe be mistaken for. Companies facilitated your aspirations. And Govt was their buddy, the one who encouraged us and who's door was always open.

Then companies screwed us, and Govts said "get back together, this changes nothing - you all can keep living together", filled Companies' pockets full of cash for a seafood dinner we would knew we would never see. I feel like a trollop, and I'm not going to take it anymore.

Something was not proven in the crisis and bailouts that began in 2008 (2007 for those in the adv course), a tenant of our beliefs on which so much is built upon; that everything fixes itself without a structure to communicate with the man who is not in the street. Now that the illusion has eroded around the world, and we can see that all that business activity and economic incentive is actually Govt's demand to make itself relevant through facilitating the "social welfare needs"-paradigm. Who is, then, incentivised to create the grassroots crisis? Where is that crisis? Does the world stagnate without a crisis? Or does innovation and awesomeness just spew so early 90-tv-esque like it did when the US ran a surplus in the late 90s? You remember that? Well, guess what - that's not going to happen again. This is broke, de el-permo. In fact, capitalism that spurs innovation does not have the carrying capacity for everyone. Yes, we have chosen something that leaves people behind; and we've also shot ourselves in the foot by making euthanasia illegal - don't laugh, there are few less evils out there and making capitalism our choice is one in the same. The pursuit of markets is not going to deliver for everyone. The Govt shutdown is the end of the game, because a default on the US's det limit is looming in October. The whole experiment of having the US Dollar as the global reserve currency (not one that the whole world agreed to try out) is now reaching another fork in the road, the 5th in as many years; if on the 17th of October the  US decides anything - it does not matter what it will be - the effects will something that is beyond the computational power and ability on the face of the planet. It is likely that OPEC would be no more in one year, that we would have an alternative currency to the U$ for international trade of some form, and that a populace would benefit from reducing all forms of credit and or by keeping credit usage very low. Then, taxes were seen as what facilitated 

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