Monday, January 27, 2014

Gates to Moyo

Bill Gates: ignorant of the long term effects of 'free aid', will effect short term change tomorrow. Dambisa Moyo: a structural laissez-faire revolutionary says aid cripples government policy renewal, and who may or may not hold a financial position on Vultures Inc. I am concerned with how it is that Gates' letter obviously avoids areas of contention with Moyo's extensively researched work, Dead Aid. It's not the cool aid that you expect, when reading an NPGO Letter and I am afraid that the pictures used are particularly distasteful; neither are they indicative of the great work Mrs and Mr Gates are doing. I am afraid I stand strong with Moyo regarding reform and I think that the Gates believes in their providence and the false choices of aid.

It's sad, but they are both welcome.

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